National Unfriend Day Is Saturday and Jimmy Kimmel Has Some Suggestions

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and before you go into food coma mode for Thanksgiving and practice your pretend-to-be-thrilled reaction for Christmas, Jimmy Kimmel has another national holiday he wants you to celebrate.

Saturday, November 17th is the third annual "National Unfriend Day," or "NUD" for short. It's that magical time of the year when you do a little fall cleaning - but instead of donating your old clothes to the Salvation Army, you chuck your annoying Facebook friends from your online life.

Last year, Kimmel developed a point system for letting people know who they should unfriend. For instance, posting a photo of a sunset is an 8-point deduction. If the person ever uses the word "amazeballs," it's a 40-point penalty.

This time, he's cutting to the chase and letting you know the specific types of friends you should ax. These include the "proud parent," "the Instagrammer," and the "Overly-political poster."

So, you should start taking a closer look at the type of posts that appear in your news feed. That way, come November 17th, it will be that much easier to rid yourself of those minor Facebook annoyances that you begrudgingly put up with every day.

As Jimmy Kimmel so elegantly put it, "half of the people in the country are on Facebook, and many of those people have hundreds if not thousands of ‘friends’ – and I find this unacceptable. No one has thousands of friends.”

Be brave and take out the garbage this Saturday.

Josh Wolford
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