"National Breakup Day" is Today, Declares Virgin Mobile


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With just one day left before Valentine's Day, Virgin Mobile USA (yes, the mobile carrier) is letting everyone off the hook by declaring today, February 13, "National Breakup Day."

Evidently, a survey by Virgin found that 59% of survey-takers, if they were going to break up with their significant other, would break up with them before Valentine's Day to save a little cash. The survey also found that 42% of survey-takers had stayed in a bad relationship "because they were scared to make a change and try something new." With these things in mind, the mobile carrier is actively encouraging people to gather their courage and dump their overly attached significant other.

Of course, for Virgin Mobile the fake holiday isn't just about promoting break-ups. That would be disturbing. The company is making a comparison between people in strung-out relationships and people who are in expensive contracts with other mobile carriers. Virgin is offering $100 off a Galaxy S II smartphone during National Breakup Day.

“We want people to understand that they don’t have to be stuck in a bad relationship,” said Ron Faris, head of brand marketing for Virgin Mobile. “If you’re in a tough spot, whether it’s with your significant other or your current postpaid phone carrier, why delay the inevitable? Just break free!”