Nathan Fillion: Everyone Needs A Google Maps Pose

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Everybody loves Google Street View, right? Okay, maybe not everybody. Some people think it’s creepy. Others get angry when it catches them doing something they’d rather not be seen doing. Most people, however, think it’s just fun. I mean really, who doesn’t love checking out their own house? Or their friends’ houses? Or the house of that person you have a crush on but are too afraid to talk to? Okay, maybe it can be a little creepy.

Anyway, Nathan Fillion appears to be one of the people who likes it. In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor talked about Street View. Apparently after he moved he was a little sad that his new house didn’t have anything distinctive about it on Street View. It turns out he was in luck, though. One day on his porch, he saw the Street View car going past his new house. Check out his reaction in the video below:

Considering all the controversy that’s been caused by the Street View cars catching people with their pants down (sometimes literally), maybe the actor has a point. An image of you on Google Street View could follow you around for a long time. Maybe we should all have a plan to make it count.

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