Nate Diaz And Justin Bieber Match: We're Still Waiting

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Nate Diaz vs. Justin Bieber is a dream UFC fight for many around the country and we're holding our breath. Yes we are.

Before Nate Diaz ended last weekend's UFC 196 with a quick naked choke hold on Conor McGregor, Justin Bieber posted to Instagram a video of what appears to be a sophisticated adulty drink in toast of McGregor.

He then (sort of) insulted Nate Diaz and his "style".

Nate Diaz didn't take long to fire one back at Bieber, posting a hilarious meme to his Instagram which in all honesty, conveyed the thoughts of millions.

Biebers a hater

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Justin Bieber also didn't hesitate to poke the bear that is Ronda Rousey, either. After her now-infamous loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Bieber posted an altered image of Holm punching Rousey as Drake.

He captioned the pic, "Drake could of blocked that punch." [sic]

The post was quickly deleted by the big-talking pop star, of course.

Still the champ

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I mean, you just don't criticize a UFC fighter's style, especially one as big as Nate Diaz, if you're not another UFC fighter hunting a match. Right?

What do you think would happen to Justin Bieber in a match with Nate Diaz? I guess I should ask, would he survive?

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