Natalie Portman Feels Sexier In Paris

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Natalie Portman is obviously enjoying life in Paris with her husband, Benjamin Millepied, and their four-year-old son, Aleph.

For Natalie Portman, transitioning from life in America was likely an interesting experiment, but she has clearly benefitted.

For one thing, Natalie Portman feels very sexy in being a woman from Paris.

Natalie Portman told French magazine Gala, "I confess, I feel more sexy. It's so amazing to me that I feel [like] another person."

She added, "In Paris, everything seems easier. We can afford not to do much in beauty and still have the beautiful air. The French are more natural than Americans, that's obvious…I spend my time observing to try to imitate them."

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I'm fairly certain that most cultures in the world are more natural than Americans, but who's keeping track? Natalie Portman certainly has the natural beauty to pull off life in Paris if that is the case.

Natalie Portman may be getting comfortable in her more natural, French-inspired beauty, but she is still a mom and that means insecurity in her mothering abilities. Just like it does for the rest of us.

For example, it has been asserted that the French don't coddle their children, and Natalie Portman has experienced that already.

She said, "...And there's stuff you don't know you'll miss until you're away. Like indoor gyms where kids can just run around and jump. They don't have those there. [In Paris], if you're running around on the playground chasing your kid and playing a game, people think you're nuts."

To help with her feelings of parental inadequacies, Natalie Portman did what we all do at some point. She asked her friend.

Natalie Portman turned to Cate Blanchett when questions of balancing working and being a mom.

She said, "Very early on, I asked [Cate Blanchett] about being a parent. I said, 'How do you do it? You're a mom. You're the best at what you do.' She said, 'You just do. Stressing about it doesn't help.'"

Not very specific, but it works. Right?

What do you think about the advice Natalie Portman received from Cate Blanchett?

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