NASCAR Driver Honors Thousands Of Twitter Fans

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NASCAR's Brad Keselowski will be racing in the Daytona 500 this Sunday and again in NASCAR's Camping World Truck Series race on Friday at Daytona. For the race on Sunday, Keselowski has found a new way to take thousands of his fans along with him. The web savvy race car driver has taken sponsorship and social media promotion to a new level. To honor and engage his fans, Keselowski's Number 19 truck will feature the Twitter handles of more than 2,600 contest winners selected from his website.

"Everyone on the platform wants more followers, myself and the sponsors included. This sounded like a fun way to accomplish everything we're looking to do with social media in a fun, unique way," Keselowski told ESPN recently. The young driver truly enjoys interacting with his fans and really seems to have a handle on using social media tools to communicate with them.

Although fans are used to seeing Twitter handles on jerseys and pretty much everything else, this truck will be the first time thousands of social media handles have been displayed on a NASCAR vehicle. It took some design doing to accomplish the challenge but the handles will all fit and be displayed on the truck bed with 10 winning fans Twitter names prominently featured on the doors. Regarding social media, Keselowski adds, "I feel like this is an important new frontier. It's exciting to me to push it to new areas."

Is mine?
@RickAllenracing: Great looking truck for @keselowski
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I'm pumped 2!
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