Naomi Campbell Wants to Host Saturday Night Live


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Naomi Campbell: British supermodel, diva, The Face star, and novelist. Should we add Saturday Night Live Host to that list? Campbell told CBS This Morning that she would love to host the acclaimed sketch show, and apparently there wouldn't be limits. So yes, the whole phone-tossing, angry tirade, maid-assaulting incident that made headlines in 2007 would be fair game.

When asked about the now famous event, the 43-year-old icon responded, "Of course, I'll take that. I pretty much get it every interview I do. I did a Dunkin' Donuts commercial with Zach Braff, was directing, the actor, and that was kind of in that vein. I mean, it's not nice to the person, and I've apologized for that, but the actual action, I've made fun of myself."

It looks like the anger management courses and community service that Campbell served due to the incident actually worked. "We all make our mistakes. We all go through it. I've never denied my mistakes. I've never shied away from them. I've been the first to say, hey, I'm in recovery."

However, Campbell still apparently has that diva attitude. On the reality show The Face, where Campbell serves as executive producer and coach, many of the models are scared and intimated by the supermodel's temper. One insider from the show said, “She’s a monster. She fought with everyone on set.”

The Face is a reality show about three supermodel coaches who square off against each other to find who they think should become the next "face" of a major brand. The show is currently in its second season. You can check it out on the Oxygen network. It is also available on demand.

Whether or not Naomi Campbell will get the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live will of course be up to executive producer Lorne Michaels.

What do you think? Do you think that Campbell should get a shot to host SNL?

Image via Wikimedia Commons