Nancy Sinatra Denies Rumors That Dad Frank Sinatra Is Father To Mia Farrow's Son, Calling The Claim 'Nonsense'

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Nancy Sinatra is denying allegations that her late father, crooner Frank Sinatra, is the biological father of Mia Farrow's son Ronan Farrow, calling the allegations by her former stepmother "nonsense."

In a segment of a CBS Sunday Morning interview that was posted online on Wednesday, days before the Sunday premiere of the HBO documentary Sinatra: All Or Nothing at All, Nancy Sinatra said allegations made in 2013 by Frank Sinatra's third wife, Mia Farrow, were unfounded.

The comments came when Mia Farrow was asked in a Vanity Fair interview if Ronan was Frank Sinatra's son, to which she responded, "Possibly."

Ronan Farrow, who was born Satchel O'Sullivan Farrow 20 years after Mia and Frank divorced, is now 27.

Few can deny, however, that he does resemble the legendary singer; far more than his reported father, Woody Allen.

"Mia's son? Oh, nonsense," Nancy Sinatra told CBS Sunday Morning. "He would just laugh it off. We didn't laugh it off because it was affecting my kids, you know. They were being questioned about it and we all knew it was nonsense."

"I was kind of cranky with Mia for even saying, 'Possibly,' she added. "I was cranky with her for saying that because she knew better, you know, she really did. But she was making a joke! And it was taken very serious and was just silly, stupid."

Although she became "cranky" with Mia Farrow for her joke about her father, Nancy has enjoyed a great relationship with her former stepmother.

"Well, we loved Mia," said Nancy Sinatra of the Rosemary's Baby star, who was married to Frank for just two years in the mid-1960s. "Mia was one of our... like, a sister. We had a good time, [sister] Tina [Sinatra] and Mia and I did."

Pam Wright