Nancy Reagan: As Former First Lady Laid To Rest, Friends Recall Fond Memories

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Nancy Reagan was laid to rest beside her beloved husband, former president Ronald Reagan, on Friday after a beautiful and touching ceremony.

Honored guests at Nancy Reagan's funeral, like Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rosalynn Carter, former president George W. Bush and Laura Bush, were treated to sweet eulogies from the Reagans' children.

Those stories revolved, for the most part, around Nancy Reagan and her love story with the president.

However, one of Nancy Reagan's surprising closest friends, Larry King, revealed a different side of her in a recent interview.

He said, "I was this Jewish kid from Brooklyn, she was this lady from Queens so there was a lot of New York in both of us."

King shared a funny story that happened when he went to lunch with Ronald and Nancy Reagan one day.

He said, "We had a couple of interesting social events. I went with the former president and first lady to the Bel-Air Hotel to have lunch. When we got there, there was a wedding in progress."

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He continued, "As we were walking in, they were putting the wedding together. What got really interesting was, the president walked the bride down the aisle. I walked down with the father and Nancy was like the flower lady. It was really funny. Then we had lunch. I'm sure that will be a memory those people will never forget."

No doubt. That was a wedding opportunity well-grabbed!

Larry King also revealed Nancy Reagan's love for gossip of all kinds.

He said, "She wanted to know all the dirt about who's with who and what's with them, I didn't know all this 'in' stuff but my wife did so they talked a lot. Nancy loved to hear all the latest, dish the dirt."

What a fun peek at Nancy Reagan's personality. What do you think about Nancy Reagan and her love for gossip?

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