Name Game: Is It An Android Phone, Or A Condom?

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Since Google launched its Android operating system back in 2008 the ongoing rivalry between Android and Apple's iOS platform has often been compared to the age-old Mac-vs-Windows debate. In one respect, at least, the comparison is apt: while Apple makes the iOS software and the iPhone, Google makes the Android software and handset manufacturers put it on their phones.

One consequence of that is that while Android owns the lion's share of the smartphone market by a considerable margin, the iPhone is still the most popular individual smartphone. There are zillions of Android-based smartphones out there all competing against each other for their own piece of the pie. In order to get ahead, handset makers have to differentiate their phones from the competition. They have to make their phones stand out in a market where there are dozens of phones with nearly identical capabilities.

One way they choose to do that is with naming. While Apple gets to keep trotting out the same old "iPhone" name year after year, the makers of Android handsets have to get a little more creative. Sometimes, however, that creativity takes the handset makers in some odd directions. Over at The Intercom Blog, they noticed a certain similarity between the names of some Android phones and another product that's pretty much differentiated by name alone: condoms. So they decided to put together a little comparison. Check out the chart below:

Android or Condom? Or Both?

The best part is that of the twenty names on the list, nearly half - eight of them - are the names of both an Android phone and a condom. Maybe you could use your Indulge to order a $69 Cleveland Steamer? Or maybe you'd better not...

Can you think of any other Android phones that have condom-like names? What about other gagdets with awkward names? Let us know in the comments.

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