Nadya Suleman Claims Virgin America Mistreated Her

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Nadya Suleman, the not-so-secret identity of media darling the Octomom, is once again making waves in a seemingly endless attempt to stay in the press. This time around, Suleman is claiming her recent flight aboard a Virgin America airliner was nothing short of a nightmare. In fact, it wasn't some loud, obnoxious child or a "Words with Friends"-obsessed celebrity that caused her such endless turmoil. No, it was the flight crew itself, and Suleman is apparently none too pleased about the whole unpleasant ordeal.

The Octomom's manager, Gina Rodriguez, recently told TMZ that the crew never gave them beverages, asked them change seats, laughed at them behind their back, and even kicked Rodriguez out of the bathroom for reasons that still remain unclear. When Suleman's manager attempted to address the problem with the staff, things got dicey, with someone reportedly shouting, "I know who you guys are!"

"I was shocked to say the least how poorly they treated me on the plane. I would never book a flight on Virgin America again," Suleman told TMZ.

Virgin, of course, has a completely different version of the tale. A representative from the company stated that the pair were extremely difficult to contain, and refused to obey safety regulations. As for the bathroom incident, Virgin states that Rodriguez was attempting to do her business as the plane preparing to land. If the flight crew hadn't kicked her out when they did, landing would have been delayed. This isn't Virgin's rule -- this is straight from the FAA.

In other Octomom news, Suleman is reportedly dating amateur body builder Frankie G, whom she met at church. "Obviously she has a lot of kids," he said in a recent interview.

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