MySpace Puts Former Googler Over Games, Dev Platform

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Fresh off News Corp.'s quarterly earnings report, MySpace has added a new member to its team, and he looks more than capable of helping the site move forward.  In fact, the man's spent a good deal of time working for a certain search giant, and he'll oversee two businesses on which MySpace is putting more and more emphasis.

A MySpace spokesperson told WebProNews in an email, "MySpace is announcing Manu Rekhi as the new GM of MySpace Games and Developer Platform.  Manu brings to this role an extensive background in strategic business and product development with a variety of companies including Google and Lolapps."

Lolapps was Rekhi's most recent employer.  He started there in April of last year, and has been overseeing product strategy, marketing, business development, and corporate development.  Previously, Rekhi spent about four years at Google, working as both a product manager and a product marketing manager.

One other detail worth noting: a coworker of Rekhi's at Google wrote on his LinkedIn profile, "Manu has been 'the man' with respect to Google's business strategy around Orkut (a Google community and social networking product).  He's an expert in global online social media usage trends, monetization approaches and growth strategies."

Finally, going back even further, Rekhi's educational experience is impressive, too, considering that he earned degrees from Columbia Business School and Boston University.