MySpace Opens Offices To Social Gaming Developers

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It's becoming hard to imagine how MySpace could get more serious about social games.  This afternoon, the social network went several steps beyond encouraging or even paying game developers by instead offering to share office space with some of them.

A MySpace representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "MySpace is launching a pilot program that will bring social gaming developers in-house to create or extend their game titles.  The MySpace Games Lab is a part of our effort to support developers by providing rapid feedback and helping them quickly turn around iterations of their game features."

This program seems almost guaranteed to have a positive effect.  The goodwill it should generate might count for a lot alone, never mind the actual benefits of collaborating on games in person.

Plus, MySpace isn't just throwing open its doors on a whim - it's actually spent time with people from Playdom, TheBroth, and Meez already, and so has presumably worked out any of the idea's kinks.

Anyway, the company stated, "We'd like to start a conversation to see how MySpace can support your games.  Contact our platform team at"

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