MySpace Music, Songtrust Partner


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MySpace, which has long enjoyed a reputation for being a good place for individuals to get familiar with different bands, may soon become even more useful to up-and-coming musicians.  MySpace Music has partnered with Songtrust in an effort to introduce better music publishing management services.

An official statement on the matter explained, "Songtrust is the first online rights management solution that empowers all songwriters to take control of their music publishing and related rights.  By streamlining the complex process of registering song copyrights, collecting royalties, and maximizing licensing opportunities, Songtrust empowers independent songwriters to track how and where their songs are being used around the world."

Songtrust isn't some dinky tool exclusively employed by garage bands, either.  The organization, which was just established in October of last year by Downtown Music, already boasts ties to the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), BMI, and SESAC (originally the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers).

So Courtney Holt, the president of Myspace Music, said, "We're very excited to deepen our relationship with Downtown Music and to promote this new, innovative service that helps songwriters take control of their music publishing."

Unfortunately, no financial details were shared, making it hard to say what level of effort/investment this represents.  The move might just be intended to sweeten the pot prior to a sale of MySpace, or perhaps it's supposed to have a major effect.

In any event, MySpace Music intends to promote Songtrust to all of the site's musicians.