MySpace Music Hires Former Veoh Chief

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The inner workings of MySpace Music - along with a lot of stuff users see - may be in for a significant upgrade.  The organization announced today that it's named Dmitry Shapiro, who earned a degree of fame as the founder and former CEO of Veoh, as its chief technology officer.

Dmitry ShapiroTo provide a little background information: Veoh was a video-sharing site that ran into eventually-crippling problems over its right to show music videos.  But Veoh was quite successful for a time, chalking up over 23 million unique visitors one month.

By comparison, MySpace Music, which is now the second most visited music site, draws around 30 million unique visitors per month.

Shapiro should be more than capable of keeping MySpace Music in working order, then, and could be an asset in many other ways, as well.  Which is good, because MySpace said in a statement, "Shapiro will be responsible for all aspects of technical developments for the MySpace Music platform, including the next iteration of artist profiles and tools as well as the overall music experience on MySpace."

Shapiro then gave a vague hint regarding what he has in mind by saying, "The next phase of digital music's evolution will bring artists and music lovers closer together."