Museum of Me Puts Your Facebook Life on Display

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I'm not sure how I feel about Intel's new visualization "The Museum of Me." On one hand, it's pretty awesome as it puts much of your Facebook Life on display. On the other hand, it's oddly disturbing as it puts much of your Facebook Life on display.

Intel says that the museum is a way to "create and explore a visual archive of your social life." Although skeptical, I bit. Here's what to expect if you have the time to give it a try:

Once you visit the Museum of Me site, you'll be prompted to connect to Facebook and you must allow the usual access by a third party application. The video will then take a little bit to load, as it has to grab quite a few things off your Facebook profile to work. The video will begin and pan you through a museum exhibit dedicated to you and your friends on Facebook.

Pictures, Video, Likes, and status words all have their own "room" in the exhibit. The whole think is set to piano/choral music that is a tad creepy, but ends up swelling nicely to a dramatic finish.

Here's the problem I would assume for some users. Trips down memory lane can be unnerving. Especially ones involving Facebook. Do you really want to see that picture of you drunkenly making out with some girl at a party juxtaposed with you and your mom at Christmas? And if the photo collages randomly generates pictures of deceased loved ones, it may create an even weirder situation.

If the random image generator works for you how it worked for me, however, then you might be pleasantly surprised with some of the old, forgotten pictures it pulls from the depths. I actually laughed out loud at one I saw from years ago that I forgot even existed.

But, there are the giant robot arms putting together a collage at the end of the tour, so...take from that what you will.

It's definitely worth the couple minutes as the visualization itself is quite beautiful. The word collage room informed me that I probably talk about my love for Cracklin Oat Bran way too much on Facebook. Maybe you'll see something interesting about yourself.

Here's a generic video about the Museum of Me:

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