Murdered: Soul Suspect Announced For "Early 2014"


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For a while now, Square Enix has been hosting an alternate reality game (ARG) from the website Today the publisher has officially announced an upcoming game called Murdered: Soul Suspect.

The game's tentative release date has been set for "early 2014," though it's not uncommon for dates of that sort to be pushed back. Soul Suspect will definitely be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. No word yet on whether the title will also show up on next-generation consoles, which are expected to go on sale this holiday season.

Earlier this week, gamers and ARG fans sifted through clues to uncover a short teaser trailer for the game. It seems that players will be tasked with solving "the hardest case of all...their own murder." Whether this means the game detective work or ghostly gunplay, as the trailer suggests, but the preview does seem to indicate the game will have will have a noir styling and flavor.