MTV's "Diary Of Facebook" Debuts Wednesday

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MTV, maligned by some for their programming shift, has focused less on music videos and more on reality programming as of late.  Out of this has come a good amount of mini-documentaries chronicling subjects such as severe wight loss, eating disorders, steroids and drug addiction in teens.  It's kind of a pity that credibility-suckers like The Real World and Jersey Shore overshadow the more interesting things on the network.

The newest of these mini-docs centers around Facebook and it appropriately titled "Diary of Facebook."  Those of you burnt out on The Social Network and the story of Mark Zuckerberg's rise to billionaire might be interested to know that the special doesn't really focus on him.  Although he is a part of the show, it mostly focuses on two employees at Facebook, an engineer named Pedram and a consumer marketer named Erin.

From MTV:

For the first time ever, we get an inside look at Facebook's famous "hack-a-thon," a 24-hour, no-code-barred event in which employees are directed to ditch their normal duties and instead break ground on those pet tech projects they've always wanted to create but have never found the time to pursue. Not only does Pedram innovate, he does so under pressure, and overnight.

And then there's Erin, a driving force behind's effort to highlight users' life-changing social-networking stories, from one woman's quest to locate long-lost family members to an ALS-stricken man who finds in Facebook a way to engage with the world around him despite the limitations of the debilitating disease.

The doc will air this Wednesday at 11 pm Eastern time.  Check out a preview below:

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