MTV to Break the World Record for Most Live Concerts


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The O Music Awards is the offbeat, outrageous, and online awards show that celebrates the best in digital music—from the top artist on Twitter to the most innovative music app.

The O music awards celebrates everything digital in the music world, and they will now be back for their third installment of the not-so-typical awards show. It combines multiple concerts, an award show and a reality TV show about a band on the road.

The last two installments were held in Las Vegas West Hollywood, but this one will be a little different. This year the awards will follow an unnamed band as it tours the Mississippi Delta, stopping at eight different cities. Along with providing award show coverage they will also be attempting to break the Guinness World record for Most Live Concerts in multiple cities in a 24 hour period.

The whole thing will be live streamed. Which means a lot could go wrong. VP of Digital Music Strategy, Shannon Connolly and company are prepared to take that chance, though.

“Award shows today, generally, are so packaged and predictable,” says Connolly. “Here are the nominees and here are the winners. It just doesn’t have that feeling of authenticity or spontaneity make to it feel like there are real stakes here. But here, the bus that we’re driving really might not make it.”

The concept of a digital music award show is an interesting one. It definitely opens the doors for non-mainstream bands to enter the fray and make a stamp on the MTV culture. One that is notorious for promoting trendy and pop bands. If you go to you can even suggest categories for new awards. Some awards shows let you vote for who you want to win, O Music Awards lets you vote for the categories themselves. And odds are, you have a pretty good chance of being selected. I would imagine a 24 hour awards show would leave a lot of spots to fill.

You have to hurry, though. The nominees are announced May 23rd. The show itself will take place June 27th.