MTV Looks for its First "TJ" or "Twitter Jockey"

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If you are not too young, you may recall when MTV regularly played music videos. There was a time, when that was pretty much all they played. In between the videos, a person called a "VJ" would talk about the videos, introduce them, etc. Now MTV is looking for its first "TJ", or Twitter Jockey.

MTV - Looking for its first "TJ" MTV (along with ZYNC from American Express) announced the search for this TJ today. One candidate will be hired to become a "brand-new face and voice for MTV across social media platforms." This includes The aim is to "expand the two-way dialog between MTV and its global audience."

MTV and ZYNC will launch "Follow Me: The Search for the first MTV TJ", in which 20 social media "enthusiasts" compete head-to-head in Twitter challenges. MTV says:

The MTV Twitter Jockey will actively engage with you, our audience - answering your questions, advocating for your interests, doling out behind-the-scenes information, cool links and exclusive media across, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and even in some televised segments. The TJ will be your voice, and the means of communication between you and all the MTV celebrities, producers and employees .

The candidate selected by the audience to be the first MTV TJ will sign a one-year employment contract with MTV, relocate to New York City and work out of our Times Square headquarters, and earn a salary of $100,000.

A live, televised finale to the contest will take place on August 8th. MTV's audience will chose the winner from the final five.

MTV calls the job opportunity "innovative and pioneering". I don't know about that. Lots of brands have had such job openings for a while. Pizza Hut famously posted a job opening for a "Twintern" early last year. I doubt "TJ" will be a term used throughout history the way DJ and even VJ have been, but it should be good for MTV PR at the very least.

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