Ms. Splosion Man Headed To PC, Mobile Devices


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Twisted Pixel, the Austin, Texas-based company that created Splosion Man for the Xbox Live Arcade and The Gunstringer for Xbox 360 Kinect, has announced Ms. Splosion Man will be released for the PC and on several mobile devices this summer. The title is currently in development for Steam, Games for Windows LIVE, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, and iPad. Twisted Pixel has teamed up with other developers to port the title, including Iron Galaxy, Fire Hose, and Panic Button Studios.

"We are extremely excited to work with Twisted Pixel in bringing splosions to mobile devices,” says Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang.  “Ms. Splosion Man has really deep gameplay that is born from deceptively simple controls, so it’s a great game on any platform.”

Ms. Splosion Man is the sequel to Twised Pixel's Splosion Man, in which players 'explode' to propel themselves through puzzling platforming levels. Both are currently only available on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

The PC version of Ms. Splosion Man will feature 50 single-player levels and 50 co-op levels for up to four players, locally or online. The touch device versions will be specifically designed for touch gaming, with "familiar content but all new features." Unfortunately, the touch version of the game does use a virtual d-pad for movement controls. Perhaps Twisted Pixel should collaborate with the co-creator of Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen, who is re-designing his platformer for touch devices without using these "non-tactile buttons."

Twisted Pixel released a trailer to accompany the Ms. Splosion Man announcement. Be warned, though, it is pretty bizarre and...twisted. Oh, and the link at the end is just a joke; it links directly to the Ms. Splosion Man website.