Mozilla Is Building A Firefox Launcher For Android

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Firefox OS is doing pretty well for itself in emerging markets thanks to its ability to run on low-end hardware that's very affordable. That very reason may be why we probably won't see Firefox OS in the U.S. anytime soon thanks to our desire to own flagship devices. Firefox OS fans will be happy to know then that they can get an authentic Firefox experience on Android without sacrificing their powerful hardware.

Mozilla announced today that it's working together with EverythingMe on a Firefox Launcher for Android. The new launcher will replace your Android homescreen with one that is built around Firefox for Android. That means you get the adaptive app search that's in Firefox OS while still in Android.

Here's what it will look like:

Mozilla Is Buliding A Firefox Launcher For Android

So, what's the advantage of adaptive app search? Here's how Mozilla describes it:

Firefox OS includes an easy-to-use, adaptive app search. Just type a single word, like "sushi," to discover related mobile apps. Some apps can even make use of your location to customize the content they display. You can try out all kinds of apps this way. Find something you really like? Save it to your home screen for easy access. Let's get started!

That same adaptive search will be available on your Android device if you decide to use the new Firefox launcher. Unfortunately, it's not available just yet as Mozilla and EverythingMe are still developing it. The non-profit says it will share more details regarding a beta when development is finished.

Image via Mozilla Blog