Mozilla Invests In For The Future Of Firefox OS

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The open Web is something that's near and dear to the heart of Mozilla. The company has invested a lot of time and money into its own HTML5 development, but it's also investing in other companies that align with its mission statement.

Mozilla announced today that it has invested in, developers of a HTML5-based dynamic mobile app platform. It joins other companies like Telefónica and SingTel Innov8 in contributing $25 million in a round of series C funding. Mozilla's investment is particularly interesting as will be integrating its app platform into Firefox OS.

“ was started to harness the power of HTML5 and the openness of the web to disrupt the mobile industry,” said Rami Kasterstein, CEO and Co-Founder, “We see this investment as evidence of the capabilities of fully-mobile web apps, which provides to users at their fingertips, on demand. We are excited to be working with our new partners Telefónica, SingTel and Mozilla, who are driving innovation for consumers.” is pretty unique in that it "adapts to users' needs by changing the apps on screen to match the content and services the user needs at any point in time." It does this through a HTML5-based cloud delivery platform that brings up apps on the fly. It's obvious then why Firefox is so interested in bringing it to its own HTML5-based Firefox OS.

“ is aligned closely with Mozilla’s mission and goals,” said Jay Sullivan, VP, Products, Mozilla. “Like us, they are committed to using the power of the web to bring the mobile app experience to consumers, regardless of the platform, OS or browser used. We are excited to be working closely together to further the abilities of the HTML5, and to create an outstanding content experience on the Firefox OS.”

Mozilla says that Firefox OS is still on track to launch in 2013, and this doesn't change that. The non-profit will, however, share more details on how its integrating into the core Firefox experience at a later date.