Mozilla Inspired To Rethink How We Create

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I love inspirational speakers. They have a certain air about them, like they know what they're talking about. While their job is to inspire people to do great things, it's even better when their actions, not their words, inspire us to even greater lengths.

The fine folks at Mozilla have been inspired by such a man. They recently uploaded a talk by Bret Victor, a man whose Web site is simultaneously the most inspiring and terrifying thing I have ever seen. In his own words, he seeks to "Revolutionize how people learn, understand, and create. Give scientists the tools to diagnose and cure the world's ills, and artists the tools to create and share beauty in ways currently impossible."

In short, Victor's a dreamer who has lofty ambitions. That makes him one of the perfect fits to deliver the kind of speeches that can inspire people to try new things. His speech, "Inventing on Principle" has one main takeaway for developers and programmers - "creators need an immediate connection to what they create."

To that end, Mozilla has shared a few of the demos that have been inspired by this mantra. The first is from Frogatto & Friends. While the game is fully playable as it is, it has one unique advantage. You can open a text editor inside the game while playing and alter the game's code without ever exiting the game. It's the kind of development that allows you to see the direct effects of your code without having to leave the game.

The other demo is more of the same thing but for Web development. A member of the Mozilla Devtools team, Cedirc Vivier, created a Live Scratchpad extension for Firefox. This allows developers to write code while the browser is open, immediately enacting changes as soon as the new code is entered.

Regardless of whether or not you think Victor actually knows what he's doing , his thoughts on creators and developers are fascinating. What if we had the power to edit the things we interact with coupled with the immediacy of the Internet? These simple demos show us a future that is faster, yet simpler.

Do you think the Web could ever get to a point of immediate changes? A place where anybody can alter the way we see the Web, and by extension the world, whenever they see fit? Let us know in the comments.

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