Mozambique Airline Crash Kills all Aboard

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A Mozambique Airlines plane carrying 33 people crashed in a Namibian national park near the border with Angola, killing everyone on board, said Bollen Sankwasa, Namibia's deputy police commissioner.

Some reports claim 34 may have died.

Initial reports claim the plane carried 27 passengers, including 10 from Mozambique, nine from Angola, five from Portugal, and one citizen each from France, Brazil and China, and six crew members.

Flight TM470 from Maputo was scheduled to land in Luanda, the Angolan capital, on Friday afternoon. Early reports from Mosambique Airlines said the plane may have landed in Rundu, northern Namibia. When it was confirmed that the plane did not land in Botswana, aviation authorities from Namibia, Botswana and Angola joined in the search for the missing plane.

Locating the plane was difficult to find because the area is rugged and there are few roads, police official Willy Bampton said.

The European Union has banned Mozambique Airlines because of safety concerns.

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