Movie Art Takes You Into The Movie's Most Profound Moments

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Everyone has a moment when they are watching a movie and they find themselves completely swept away in the action or the drama. Sometimes to the point that they feel like they are part of the movie. That is one of the reasons that movies can tend to be so magical. So when fans make movie posters the way these are, it makes you wonder how they were able to capture the powerful moments.

Massimo Carnevale is an artist that has been able to catch some of these powerful movie moments and put them onto paper. From Super Sloth, to John McClane, Massimo has been able to peer into the soul of the films he draws and pull out a piece for us to enjoy.

I pulled 4 of my favorites from his collection, but you can see the rest on his Society 6 page. They are all for sale for $20 plus shipping.

Die Hard


The Goonies


Inglorious Basterds


Reservoir Dogs


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