Mouse In Coffee Cup? Read This And Think Twice Before You Sip.

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Imagine finding a mouse in YOUR coffee cup the next time you patronize a restaurant.

This is allegedly what happened to a Canadian man when he visited the local McDonald's.

Ron Morais of Fredericton, New Brunswick told CBC News that he didn't suspect anything was wrong.

He sipped away contently until he got to the last few sips. As a habit, Morais always takes the lid off of his McDonald's coffee to gulp down the last of it.

This time the man said that when he did so he made a rather gruesome discovery.

"when I took the lid off, there was a little bit of a surprise in my coffee cup. It was a dead mouse."

It's gross enough that the man had supposedly been drinking coffee containing a deceased rodent.

Unfortunately the horror doesn't end there.

According to Morias the mouse left behind some "going away presents" before he died.

Jennifer LaHaye works with Ron Morais and was there when he made the claim that he'd discovered a dead mouse in his coffee cup.

Said LaHaye, “The first time I looked [at the dead mouse], I actually looked and it's really, he's not joking."

Seeing the entire thing in person was more than enough to convince Morais's co-worker that he is absolutely telling the truth.

Needless to say, McDonald's Canada was quick to respond to the horrific allegation. The company issued a statement almost immediately:

"Food safety and quality are a top priority for McDonald’s Canada and all of our restaurants are held to high industry standards. [W]e take allegations involving cleanliness and sanitation very seriously."

The company said that it intended to launch a thorough investigation and it cautioned the public against "jumping to conclusions".

Regardless of whether or not this story turns out to be true, it's yet another story that teaches us to look carefully at the food items we order before consumption.

Do you think this mouse story is legitimate or a hoax? Comment below!

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