Motorola Will Make Its Next Smartphone In The U.S.

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Google is creating 2,000 jobs in Texas this year with the announcement that its Motorola division will be building its next smartphone at a Forth Worth factory.

During an All Things D talk in which Motorola unveiled its own Mark of the Beast, the company also revealed that it's building a new smartphone called the Moto X. Unlike its competitors that build their smartphones in Chinese or Southeast Asian factories, Motorola will be building the phones right here in America.

It's always good to see manufacturing jobs come back to the U.S., but what of the phone itself? Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside wasn't exactly forthcoming on details, but he did hint at a few of the phone's features. For one, it will have sensors that will wake it up from sleep mode when the phone is taken out of a pants pocket or purse.

More excitedly, he also said that the phone will include two processors to preserve battery life. Smartphones have always walked a thin line between processing power and elongating battery life. Motorola, with Google's help, may finally be able to solve this problem.

You can expect to see the Moto X, and maybe even a new version of Android, hitting markets by October.

Motorola isn't the first major tech company to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Apple announced last year that it would start to assemble Mac computers in the U.S. as well. The Cupertino-based company will still have its flagship mobile devices assembled overseas though.

[h/t: Bloomberg]