Motorola Talks Moto X Success, Lenovo Acquisition At MWC 2014

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Last week, Motorola didn't really show off any new hardware at Mobile World Congress. After all, the company is soon to change hands as it heads off to Lenovo later this year. Instead, the company took time out to haven an open and frank discussion with its executives to talk about the company's present and future.

Motorola shared a 30 minute video today in which three executives - Rick Osterloh, Steve Horwitz and Mark Randall - discussed everything Motorola at Mobile World Congress. The event wasn't streamed so this is the public's first chance to see how Motorola execs feel about going to Lenovo and its success with the Moto X under Google.

In regards to Lenovo acquiring Motorola, the execs say the two will combine to become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. They also say the acquisition will help them scale their product development even higher to serve more consumers, especially in emerging markets where Lenovo currently has a strong foothold.

Throughout its history, Motorola has been one of the most well-known mobile hardware developers in the business. Its prominence has waned in recent years, however, in the face of Apple and Samsung. With its move to Lenovo, both companies will no doubt work together to bring Motorola back to the forefront of the mobile discussion.

Image via Motorola/YouTube