Motorola Offers Baidu Search To China Mobile Users

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Motorola is allowing Internet users in China to use Baidu or other search engines on its handsets with Google's Android operating system.

Baidu is Google's chief rival in the search market in China. "Users will be able to select their search experience from a number of providers including Baidu and others, with whom Motorola has signed strategic agreements," the company said.

Motorola also said it is launching a store for Android applications called SHOP4APPS (or Zhi-Jian-Yuan, which means "Place for Apps Wisdom" in Chinese). Motorola's Android app store for smartphones is set to launch in time for the Chinese New Year, which begins February 14.

"Our ability to offer SHOP4APPS and choice in search is a testament to the openness of the Android platform.  SHOP4APPS will provide developers the opportunity to market and promote their applications on Android handsets within the Chinese market," said Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president of software and services, Motorola Mobile Devices.

"In addition to our close collaboration with the Android community, we are working closely with our carrier partners in China, and with ecosystem partners like Baidu to provide consumers with a full suite of services.  These services will include search, email and maps for our newest China smartphones."

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