Motorola Creates Innovative Optical Node


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Motorola is getting ready to unveil their new VSN200 1 GHz 2X2 Optical Node at the 2012 Cable Show. It is the latest innovation in their 1 GHz BAN product portfolio. The concept that was driving the design and engineering behind the node was all about utilizing existing network structures to deliver faster up and download bandwidth services.

Integrating the technology into their existing systems, cable operators will be able to offer more HD programming and more video-on-demand (VOD). They believe this new Optical Node will be instrumental in giving consumers what they demand and propelling television into the next evolution.

Joe Cozzolino, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Motorola Mobility's Network Infrastructure Solutions business comments on the Optical Node:

"The recent advancements we've made in our BAN portfolio are yet another example of how Motorola continues to drive the evolution of TV and a smart, simple connected home. We will continue our relentless focus on innovating Optics and Network technology to empower our customers to meet increasing consumer demand for more video and connectivity across all of their screens,"

"Broadband networks are evolving and require flexible solutions that increase network performance instantly with minimal downtime to keep pace with the incredible consumer hunger for new advanced, bandwidth-intensive services,"

Here's what the Node has listed as features:

* Flexible Design

* Increased Network Performance/Expanded Capacity

* Cost Efficiencies

* Fast Upgrades

* Minimized Installation Times

* Appropriate for Fiber Deep Applications

Here's how Motorola describes the technology:

The Motorola VSN200's flexible design is the key to offering tremendous network and economic efficiencies. With the VSN200, operators can repurpose existing housings by efficiently installing the new system using only an Electronics Package (E-Pack) and Lid swap, avoiding the costly downtime of cutting out the entire node to make the upgrade. As a result, they can quickly upgrade their network, minimize installation times, and avoid costly downtimes associated with removing the entire node. TheVSN200 features enhanced Gallium Nitride performance that provides high RF output levels, making it equally well suited to deploy as a fiber-deep satellite node.

The new technology will be on display at the 2012 Cable Show in Boston @ Motorola's Booth #733, as part of Motorola's leading BAN portfolio.