Motorola Atrix HD Gets Jelly Bean On AT&T Today

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Motorola angered its Atrix 4G customers back in October when the company said that it wouldn't be bringing a promised Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade to the device. Two months later, the Atrix 4G's big brother, the Atrix HD, gets an upgrade to Jelly Bean.

AT&T announced today that the Atrix HD is the fourth Android phone from the carrier to get the Jelly Bean upgrade. It's also the first Motorola device from the carrier to get it as HTC and Samsung devices were the previous recipients.

Atrix HD owners can look forward to a number of new features and enhancements that come with Android 4.1, including Project Butter and grouped notifications. On the AT&T side, the device comes with updated Smart Actions, including a Drive Rule that sends automated text messages to those who text or call you while you're driving.

Motorola recently shared some videos of Jelly Bean running on the Atrix HD and how they perform:

The Jelly Bean update is available now as an OTA update. You can access it by going to Settings>About Phone>Software Updates.