Most TV Watchers Don't Want Apps Or 3D, Study Finds

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The bulk of TV viewers, it seems, are not interested in having their TVs mimic the functionality of their smartphones and tablets. That, at least, is the conclusion of a recent survey of 2,000 viewers in the UK, who ranked 3D TV, TV Apps, and mobile TV at the very bottom of features they found appealing or useful.

The study was conducted by Freeview, a company that provides British TV programming for free through their line of set-top boxes. Those surveyed were asked to rank the usefulness and appeal of various TV features. Players - i.e., set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Roku. or those offered by Freeview - ranked highest in both appeal and usefulness, at 62% and 63%, respectively. In a close second was the ability to watch programming at any time. That feature was considered appealing by 59% of respondents and useful by 60%. At the bottom of the rankings, though, were 3D technology, mobile TV, and smartphone/tablet-style apps. Only 19% of respondents said they found 3D appealing, and only 16% said it would be useful. Mobile TV appealed to only 12%, while 15% said it would be useful. Apps fared the worst, with a paltry 6% of respondents calling them appealing, and 8% calling them useful.

Freeview Chart

All hope is not lost, however, for those who love 3D technology and want to see it in more TVs. Back in January we reported that American audiences would get to see the 2012 Olympics in 3D. It seems that British viewers of the games (which are, after all, in London) will have the same option. Freeview's managing director, Ilse Howling, pointed out that the integration of 3D - and other new viewing technology as well - into the Olympics has the potential to be a "game changer" that could bring technologies that viewers are currently find unimpressive into the mainstream relatively quickly.

What do you think? Would you like to see 3D technology on your TV? What about smartphone-style apps? Will you be watching the Olympics in 3D if you can? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Advanced Television]