Most Desirable Woman: Kim K Gets Dropped

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There are many factors to take into consideration when compiling a list of the most desirable women in Hollywood, and if one of them is overexposure, you can bet it won't be in that person's favor.

An AskMen poll released today has Jennifer Lawrence in the top spot for the title, which doesn't come as much of a surprise; the "Hunger Games" star has proven herself to be easygoing, charming, funny, and approachable during interviews and appearances on talk shows. She's wildly attractive and yet still attainable, the girl-next-door who could be your hilarious best friend at the same time she's stealing your heart.

Coming in at number two is the "Sexiest Woman Alive", Mila Kunis, who attained that achievement earlier this year according to Esquire Magazine. Kate Upton, Rihanna, and Emma Stone round out the top five.

But one name was suspiciously absent from the top ten, or even the top twenty, this year: Kim Kardashian. She's been a mainstay on lists like these for a while now after proving she's not afraid to flaunt her assets, and being business-savvy doesn't hurt, either. But Kim K. took a big hit this year, dropping from the number 8 spot on last year's list to number 98 out of 99. Ouch.

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