Mormon Women Turned Away From All-Men Priesthood Meeting For The Second Time

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Women who were seeking to be ordained into the Mormon priesthood sought tickets to the all-male priesthood meeting, but were turned away. According to some women, they were there to get the attention of the leaders of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

Mormons, a religious group is the main branch of the Latter Day Saint movement. They, too, are Christians, but they also have beliefs that are different from Christianity. They also follow the Bible, like Christians. However, they also believe in other scriptures, such as the Book of Mormon.

Saturday’s session was the 184th Annual General Conference for the Mormons. Over 20,000 men and boys attended the meeting, which was held in a Salt Lake City conference hall.

Dallin H. Oaks, an LDS apostle, addressed the issue by telling the women that they do have authority of the priesthood. He continued to say that women teachers of the church have the same functions as full-time missionaries. However, he also said that “only men will hold offices in the priesthood,” according to the decreed pattern of the church

The group of women, known as “Ordain Women,” was already turned down in last year’s conference. Over 500 women showed up last Saturday in hopes of getting access to the meeting.

Some men who hold the priesthood in the church are fully supportive of the women. Mark Barnes, who is a facilitator of the event, said that their mission is all about equality. He is one of the supporters of the “Ordain Women” and said that treating the women less than the men is not “living up to the full potential of the gospel.”


According to Suzette Smith, an organizer for the “Ordain Women,” they were aiming for their protest to be respectful and peaceful. Their main goal is to be heard by the church and have their concerns and questions addressed.

With their unsuccessful attempt at getting into the meeting, the “Ordain Women” organizers said that they won’t be trying to get into the meeting at least for the next few years. However, they also said that the unequal treatment of men and women is hurting the faith, and will continue to do so until they are heard by the church.

Shelly Denison, one of the women who attended the protest said that all she wants is for her voice to be heard. “I had one family member tell me I needed to leave the church because the church would be better off without me,” she said.

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