More Than One Third of Americans Own a Tablet

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The number of Americans who own tablets is rising - fast.

According to a new report from Pew, 35% of Americans aged 16 and older own a tablet, up from 25% last year. Five years ago, only 5% of adults owned tablets.

Pew research on tablet ownership

As you can see, e-reader ownership is also on the upswing with nearly one quarter of Americans possessing some form of the device - up from 19% last year.

43% of those surveyed had either a tablet or an e-reader. That's a pretty impressive stat.

The demographic breakdown shows that Asian-Americans are the most tablet-happy group, with half owning a tablet. Tablet ownership also increases among college educated Americans as well as wealthier Americans. For those making over $150,000 a year, a whopping 65% own tablets.

For a little bit of perspective, 55% of American adults own smartphones and 91% own some kind of cell phone, according to Pew's latest research.

In other tablet news, it appears that Android tablets have now overtaken iPads (in terms of units shipped last quarter).

Image via SamsungMobile, YouTube

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