More Than 100 Games Coming To PS4 In 2014

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For early adopters, new consoles are always an investment in the future. You expect a flood of new games to hit the console in the years following its release, but the first year will always be a little dry. Sony doesn't want that to happen with the PS4.

Polygon reports that Sony Computer Entertainment VP of Marketing, John Koller, revealed during a press event that the PS4 would see more than 100 games released for it in 2014. It's not immediately clear how many of those games would be retail titles and how many would be the downloadable titles from indie developers that Sony has courted over the past few years.

If it is true, the PS4 will likely see more indie titles than retail titles in 2014. It's just the nature of the business as it's easier and faster for a small team to develop and ship a title than it is for a large AAA team that just started developing next-gen games last year. That being said, the PS4 will get a lot of content from both in 2014.

On the AAA side of things, Sony's own publishing arm will release titles like The Order: 1886, inFamous: Second Son and DriveClub. As for third party efforts, we'll see major releases like Thief and Destiny.

On the indie front, we've got the upcoming release of games like The Witness, Minecraft and more to keep PS4 owners company through any future droughts. Indie game releases have been slow on the PS4 with the console averaging about one release a month, but it's still early. According to IGN, there are currently more than 30 indie titles confirmed for release on the PS4 in 2014. There will likely be far more announced at GDC and E3 later this year.

In short, it looks like early adopters of the PS4 won't have to deal with the usual year long drought that affects most consoles - looking at you, Wii U.

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