More Consumers Will Avoid Black Friday By Shopping Online During Cyber Monday

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Are you planning on heading out for some Black Friday shopping this year? If so, you might to reconsider those plans. Cyber Monday is right around the corner, and it promises the same deals without the crowds.

RadiumOne, a social advertising firm, has charted the progress of Cyber Monday throughout the years. They found that Americans are spending more and more money on Cyber Monday every year, and that 2012 will be the biggest year yet. They project that Americans will spend $1.42 billion, which is 14 percent more than last year.

Keeping in line with Cyber Monday's emphasis on the Internet, social networks will also come into play prominently this year. They found that 57 percent of shoppers will use social media to find discounts whereas 51 percent will use those same networks to read reviews.

As for the social networks themselves, Facebook is king with 60 percent of shoppers using it find deals and reviews. Only 15 percent will use Twitter and five percent will use newcomer Pinterest. Everything else, including Google+, dominates the last 20 percent.

The most interesting part of the study was comparing the hot toys and gadgets of the past with the most wanted gadgets and toys of the present. Nintendo and interactive toys ruled the past with the Gameboy and Wii joined by the likes of Tickle Me Elmo and Furby. Now kids want iPads, PlayStation Vitas, Monster High Dolls and copies of Just Dance 4.

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