Monica Lewinsky: Impeachment Evidence Up For Auction

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Several items once worn or owned by Monica Lewinsky are up for auction this week, including a lacy black negligee and a signed letter from Bill Clinton.

The items were used as evidence during the impeachment case against Clinton in 1998 and were handed over by Lewinsky's other lover, Andy Bleiler, who was one of her high school teachers. The letter from Clinton was a birthday gift to Bleiler, at Lewinsky's request.

The lot also includes several items of clothing and some photos from around that time. Bleiler, who was married when he was carrying on the five-year affair with Lewinsky, gave up the evidence to Kenneth Starr during the impeachment investigation and subsequently admitted to the affair. However, Bleiler's former wife, Kate Nason, handed them over for auction.

The auction runs through this week.

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