Monday Night Football Debacle Sees T.J. Lang Generate Massive Twitter Buzz

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If you were on Twitter late last night and early this morning, you probably saw a few an epic ton of tweets about the Monday Night Football game, the NFL replacement refs, and a spectacularly botched call. You may have even seen a few expletives.

And you may have seen all of this combined in the tweets of Packers' guard T.J. Lang, who became the poster boy for the players' frustrations following one of the worst pieces of officiating in modern sports history.

You probably don't follow T.J Lang on Twitter. He currently sits at just over 100,000 followers, many of which jumped on board following his vocal tweets last night. But that doesn't mean that his tweets weren't all over your stream.

That's because his tweets saw an incredible number of retweets over the last 15 hours. According to Twitter, Lang's series of three outspoken tweets saw over 150,000 retweets combined.

This one currently sits at over 66,000 retweets:

And this one at over 84,000:

Finally, the last tweet in the tirade generated over 21,000:

Plenty of other athletes, both Packers and non-Packers gave their opinion on the call including Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. But none of them had the impact of Lang with his impressive bluntness. No doubt it will cost him, but he doesn't regret the tweets at all. Well, except for one aspect:

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