Molly Ringwald's Daughter Mimics "Sixteen Candles" Pose

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Molly Ringwald may be a famous movie and television star, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have to take her kids back-to-school shopping, and on a recent trip to Target with 10-year old daughter Mathilda, a display case featuring Ringwald in one of her most famous roles caught their attention. The duo stopped beside the DVD collections so that Mathilda could pose next to her mom's photo, and the results were sweetly epic.

"She can't escape her mom, even when back-to-school shopping at Target," Ringwald captioned a photo of the moment on Twitter.

The picture has been making the rounds online this week as Ringwald's fans rave about the awesome mom/daughter moment.

Ringwald also starred in a made-for-television film that's getting a big-screen adaptation soon--The Stand--and lots of rumors have been floating around online about who may be starring in it. Recently, Matthew McConaughey has been named as a contender for the role of the villainous Randall Flagg, but director Josh Boone, who also did The Fault In Our Stars, has commented on the rumors on Twitter, saying they're not quite right.

"I have always wanted McConaughey as [hero] Stu and [Christian] Bale as Flagg. Still not sure how that story leaked -- just not true," he wrote.

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