Mobile Tax Searches Surged in 2012


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The fact that over half of America is now connected via smartphone probably accounts for the fact that mobile Google+Mobile+Ads+Blog%29">tax information searches jumped over 200% this year when compared to statistics from 2010. Obviously this trend reveals a great opportunity for those in the tax business to capitalize and offer more information via mobile-friendly destinations.

Below, you can see a graph which was provided by google. The red line shows tax searches for desktop computers and the blue illustrates searches from mobile devices. It's clear there's a there month period of high activity centered around tax season. From late July to early April people are hurry for tax-related information. No surprise there.

If you look at the mobile traffic, you'll see the amount of activity from 2010 to this year's tax season is dramatically different. In fact, it's 206% different. Take a look at the graph:

What Google Mobile Ads blog wants to remind you, is that mobile advertising is hot right now and that if you're not capitalizing on it, someone else is. Those folks are most likely your competitors. Google wants to help you with this.

Google offers tax businesses Google+Mobile+Ads+Blog%29">this advice about going mobile and reaping the rewards of a mobile platform:

1. Make sure your websites are user friendly. Mobile optimized sites and apps are incorrectly perceived by businesses as being overly complex or expensive. The truth is that there are now so many developers out there that a mobile optimized presence is in reach for any sized business. For more information on mobile websites and even a free mobile website builder, check out

2. Develop a company level mobile strategy. It is no longer enough to think about how individual business initiatives can have mobile components. Instead, businesses need to have a concrete company-level strategy about how to win on mobile. This is the the focus of our recently published Mobile Playbook which discusses the 5 questions that business executives should be asking themselves about mobile.

3. Make sure your business can be found on mobile. This means establishing a clear advertising plan, social media strategy, and ensuring relevant and updated content. Learn more about mobile advertising on and stay connected with the blog for updates.