As Mobile Tagging Grows, So Do Business Opportunities

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Have you noticed that the boxes filled with oddly shaped code are starting to appear more and more? These mobile tags create a digital experience in a physical world. The industry is growing rapidly as more industries embrace the space.

Are you a fan of these mobile tags? Tell us why or why not.

New data from Microsoft reveals that their Tag brought in the largest number of scans to date during the month of March. In addition, the number of scans has doubled in the past three months, and the number of users has more than doubled.

Microsoft Tag credits its significant growth to many factors, including the penetration rate of smartphones in the marketplace. Another factor it believes led to its recent growth is the success that various industries have had using Tag.

"Rather than being confined to a 2D, 2-dimensional experience on a page, you can link that consumer, via Tag, to an online experience through their mobile phone," said Jeff Somers, the marketing director for Microsoft Tag.

Many industries including retail, entertainment, and, primarily, publishing are finding that mobile tagging creates multiple opportunities for engagement. Specifically, mobile tagging is helping businesses drive and measure engagement through actions such as newsletter sign-ups and Facebook and Twitter followers.

According to Somers, advertisers that have incorporated Tag have also noticed a deeper level of engagement. They have found that consumers stay with the content longer, come back to it, and also remember it.

"It's a really interesting way to pull consumers more deeply into the experience, share more information and content with them, get them to engage with your brand, and really help them, I think, make better decisions, and enjoy the experience more," said Jeff Somers, the marketing director for Microsoft Tag.

Tag also reports analytics to its partners to provide more insights into the progress of efforts.

Have you thought about incorporating mobile tagging into your marketing strategy?