Mobile, Social Media Becoming Increasingly Important To Moviegoers

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Are you the kind of person who uses their mobile device during a movie? If so, shame on you. That being said, you're not alone as new research has found that most moviegoers use some kind of mobile device to augment the experience.

In Nielsen's 2012 American Moviegoing report, the group found that mobile moviegoers "spend more, consume more content and are more actively engaged in the moviegoing process." The report found that the moviegoers are increasingly moving to mobile with 69 percent of moviegoers owning a smartphone and 29 percent owning a tablet. It also found that mobile device owners see more movies with smartphone owners seeing nine percent more movies, and tablet owners seeing 20 percent more movies last year compared to their non-mobile device owning contemporaries.

Outside of the theater, tablet owners are the biggest film consumers. The report says that they watched 47 movies on average last year, 10 more than the average moviegoer. Tablet owners are also more likely to spend more, and buy their tickets online.

Movie Consumers Are Increasingly Going Mobile

Being closely tied to mobile, social media's impact on the moviegoer experience can not be ignored either. Nielsen's report found that that the 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 age ranges used social media the most to discuss films. The overall moviegoer population is seeing increases in social media use as well.

Mobile Device Owners Watch More Movies, Spend More Too

From a certain point of view, this is great news for marketers who can take advantage of new advertising venues on mobile to reach a larger audience. I just ask that you turn off your phone during the movie. The annoying warning before the movie starts is there for a reason.