Mobile Or Web? Facebook Doesn't Care As Long As They're Part Of It

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Facebook has always had a powerful Web presence and they're slowly, but surely, making their way into the mobile space. What about the developers who want to make their app connect with Facebook in some way, but not sure which platform to go with? Facebook makes your choice simple - both.

In a post on their blog, Facebook outlined some tips to help developers get the most out of their relationship with the social network. A lot of the tips are common sense, and have been covered in the past. There are some new ideas here though that take advantage of the newly found avenues of traffic in the App Center and Facebook's renewed vigor in mobile.

Like every Facebook post on driving people to your app via Facebook, it begins with the Facebook for login functionality. As you are well aware, many mobile apps now let users sign in via Facebook to side step the annoyance of having to fill out a registration form to start playing or using the app. It's worth repeating, however, because it really does make a difference. People are more likely to use your app if they can sign in via Facebook (or any other social network for that matter).

The Facebook login has an ulterior motive that many people probably underestimate. It allows Facebook to post stories about new high scores or activities on the user's Timeline. People see this and are driven by our instinctual curiosity to see what our friend just scored a million points in. That person might not stick around as a player, but your app effectively used Facebook to drum up interest.

Facebook reiterates the importance of the Facebook login with two music apps - SongPop and Songza. Both apps have a sign-in method that uses Facebook or Email. It was found that the majority of users signed in via Facebook. These apps also offer bonuses to entice people to sign in with Facebook. It's a win-win strategy for developers, Facebook and users.

The final piece of advice from Facebook to would-be developers is this - make a game. Despite people saying that the social gaming trend is dying and Zynga is being repeatedly kicked in the teeth, don't pay the naysayers any heed. All those social gamers are just moving to mobile and they're probably playing the same games they did on Facebook if they're available via mobile. Just be sure to add Facebook login and your app is set for life.

It's clear that Facebook is really invested in mobile now. It's the next giant money pit from which the Facebooks of the world can siphon money from those foolish enough to fall into it. They want the developers of the world to join them in making money from the people who are willing to spend $15 for an extra five minutes of playtime.

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