Mitt Romney in One Word: "Unicorn" Suspiciously Absent from the List

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If you could only use one word to describe Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, what would it be?

Ok, do you have it? Good. If the word you're thinking of is negative, you side with the majority in a new Pew Research poll that looks to determine how Romney's image is changing over time.

Here's what Pew had to say about their survey of over 1,000 American voters:

"Overall, 42% of the words volunteered by respondents are clearly negative, most commonly liar, arrogant, crook, out of touch, distrust and fake. Fewer (28%) offer words that are clearly positive in tone, such as honest, good, leadership, and capable. The remaining 30% of words are more descriptive and neutral in their tone, including businessman, rich, conservative, and Republican. As the campaign progresses, fewer Americans are offering neutral descriptions of Romney, but people continue to have more negative than positive things to say about him."

The top three words used to describe Romney? "Honest," "Businessman"" and "Rich." Interestingly enough, those choosing to describe Romney as "Honest" increased 700% from March of this year. Only one more person chose "Rich" than did in March.

Possibly the biggest takeaway from this poll is that fewer people are choosing to identify Romney with his Mormonism first and foremost. In October of 2011, 60 people chose the word "Mormon" to describe Romney. In this latest poll, that number has decreased to 8.

Check out Pew's word distribution below:


Oddly enough, nobody (or not enough to register) chose to describe Romney as a "Unicorn," even though that's been one of the top Google autocomplete results for months:


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