Mitt Romney App Projects A Better Amercia

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Mitt Romney has clenched the GOP nomination, but someone on his team hasn't quite clenched the concept of how to spell the country of which he's running for President. Some poor, poor developer will most likely never work in this town again thanks to a typo that went live in a new app for Mitt Romney released Tuesday.

Apparently, Mitt Romney is your guy if you want a better Amercia.

Yeah, Amercia.

The app, called "With Mitt," is pretty simple. You snap a photo of someone or something that's pro-Mitt and overlay one of fourteen Romney slogans on said photo. You are then prompted to share the photo on Facebook and Twitter, and shortly after that you're asked to donate. The app would have made no news if it weren't for that one basic error.

Some of the overlays feature slogans like "Day one, job one," "I'm a mom for Mitt," "Obama isn't Working," I Stand with Mitt," and "The America we love." The one that stands out reads "A better Amercia."

Sure, typos happen. And this one is unlikely to derail his campaign. But it's pretty damn funny. And the internet has been unsurprisingly unforgiving of the error.

On Twitter, the #Amercia hashtag has been trending since Tuesday evening. Here's a sampling of what they're saying:

Some poor app designer is getting strapped in a cage on the top of a car and driven across country tonight. #amercia
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Mitt Romney: wrong for wemon, wrong for minotiries, wrong for #Amercia.
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Romney's knack for spelling qualifies him to be President of Twitter. #Amercia
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There's even a new Tumblr blog dedicated to the typo, called "Amercia is With Mitt," featuring the internet's own photo overlay creations:

The app is still available to download as version 1.0, so if you want to have fun with the error act fast before it's updated.

*Note: I acknowledge that I included at least 1 error in this article to protect myself against the "you had a typo too" claims. That way, I can say it was intentional. Or maybe I didn't. 'Mercia.

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