Misty Copeland On Her "Incredible" Broadway Debut

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Misty Copeland made her Broadway debut on Wednesday in the play On The Town at the Lyric Theatre.

Afterward, Misty Copeland could only put it into words in this way, "It's an incredible feeling."

Misty Copeland has been breaking down barriers since she was a young girl.

Last year, Misty Copeland became the first and only African-American soloist in the prestigious American Ballet Theatre after joining at only 16 years old.

Now, Misty Copeland is playing Miss Turnstiles, a love interest for one of three sailors enjoying a few hours of shore leave in 1940s New York in On the Town.

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After Wednesday's performance, Misty Copeland admitted that it was different than a normal ballet production for her.

She said, "I felt nervous that I was going to forget stuff, which I don't typically feel. We rehearse so much as ballet dancers and the steps become ingrained in your muscle memory."

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The crowd loved Misty Copeland, praising her entrances and exits with applause and even standing ovations.

It seems Misty Copeland is bringing the art of ballet to a new crowd.

Misty Copeland said of her experience, "The audience is so different from what I'm used to. You know immediately that they are excited to be here, and it's an incredible feeling. I just felt so overwhelmed -- that first entrance and throughout."

Misty Copeland said that she goes to the stage door after every performance. From there, she hopes the crowds will follow her back uptown to the city's numerous ballet venues.

"It's such a great crowd and I hope that me stepping into this atmosphere will make them feel that they're invited to come into my home."

What do you think of Misty Copeland's rise to stardom?

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