Missy Elliott Credits Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry With Her Successful Comeback

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Missy Elliott isn't taking all the credit for her successful comeback. In fact, she lauds friends Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry, saying they played huge roles.

During a recent interview with i-D Elliott talked about performing with Katy Perry at last year's Super Bowl.

"First of all, I can't thank her enough. A thousand thank you's wouldn't be enough. She allowed me to perform my records, on her set and she said 'If you have a new record, you should perform it, this is the time to perform it'. At the time I had some records but I didn't feel as strong about them. I said I'd rather go out there and give them the classics," Missy Elliott says.

Pharrell Williams was so impressed with Missy Elliott's Super Bowl performance that he called her shortly thereafter.

"He said 'I'm not trying to push you, but people miss you," Elliott explains. "Do you see what happened out there? Have you seen the charts'? I think I was still in shock. It still hadn't registered. He was like 'I want to get in the studio with you.' Who turns down Pharrell?"

Missy Elliott recently served as a mentor on The Voice, working with members of Pharrell's team.

The "WTF (Where They From)" singer has indeed made an amazing comeback. If Missy Elliott says Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams deserve some of the credit for that, then who can dispute that?

If you've heard any of Missy Elliott's new music, it's plain to see her comeback is a strong one. She ought to give herself some--no, a lot--of that credit, too.

Kimberly Ripley
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