Missouri Execution: William Rousan Is Dead

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William Rousan, 57, was executed in Missouri on Wednesday. Rousan is the main man responsible for orchestrating the 1993 murder of a couple who owned some cows that he wanted to steal.

Rousan was the mastermind behind the murders that were carried out by his brother and his son, Brent. His son ambushed the Lewis home and shot Charles Lewis first, next he shot Charles' wife Grace. Rousan was sentenced to death without the possibility of parole.

According to Attorney General Chris Koster, Rousan ordered his then 16-year-old son to murder Grace Lewis “all so they could steal two cows, soda, a VCR, and some jewelry.”

It was not until a year later that Rousan was caught when people noticed that the Lewis couple suddenly disappeared without a trace. In 1994, the investigators were able to get two tips that helped crack the case.

Rousan’s attorneys argued against the lethal injection, as they said that the drugs used may result in suffering while the inmate is being put to death. However, the US Supreme Court denied the request to stay Rousan’s execution. Advocates of those on death row say that the convicts have a right to know about the drug that will be injected into their bodies. They are also opposed to the drugs used to carry out the executions as they claim they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Rousan’s last meal consisted of onion rings, a bacon cheeseburger, a soft drink, and pecan pie.

A minister and Rousan’s brother-in-law were invited to see him before the execution. He mouthed some words to his visitors. The drug was administered, Rousan took two deep breaths, and all was still. There was no sign that Rousan was in distress. At 12:10 am, Rousan was declared dead, just 9 minutes after the entire procedure started.

In a final statement written by Rousan, he said “My trials and transgressions have been many.”

Michael Lewis, the son of the murdered couple, said in a prepared statement after the execution that he gained "no real satisfaction from Mr. Rousan's incarceration or execution," as neither would bring his parents back.

Michael Lewis reads a statement on behalf of his parents who Rousan murdered

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